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Women in Engineering (WIE) offers professional, academic, and social services to students who identify as women and non-binary at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. The goal of WIE is to provide resources and overall support that will address the unique challenges women and non-binary engineers face. WIE’s mission is to allow our women and non-binary students to find personal and professional success, both during their time at USC Viterbi and beyond.

Our events, programs, and resources are open to all women and non-binary students in Viterbi, so simply sign up for our newsletter and follow our social media to get involved!

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The WIE community is unique in that it is committed to the academic, professional, and social success of women and non-binary students.

For me, WIE has not only provided me with numerous opportunities, and resources such as mentorship to be successful as a minority in engineering, but has also provided a community that supports me and my goals.

Cinthia Sanchez

B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering

During a particularly challenging period in my life, I attended my first Women in Engineering event. It was the Leadership Conference. There, I found a welcoming community of diverse individuals, all facing their own challenges. It was a relief to realize that I wasn't alone in my struggles. I felt inspired, accepted and more connected with the people around me.

Kriti Shukla

M.S. in Computer Science

WiE events have been a catalyst for my personal and professional growth. As a member of the Professional Events Committee, I witnessed firsthand how these conferences, leadership, and networking events created a nurturing space for Viterbi students, empowering them to excel in engineering and embrace a supportive community that fosters their success.

Through WiE events and the power of community, I have witnessed how Viterbi students feel encouraged, inspired, and uplifted, knowing that they are not alone in their journey and that they have a strong network of peers and mentors to rely on and Fight on with!

Jasmine H. Mizrahi

M.S. in Environmental Data Science

Humans are not meant to traverse this life- let alone a PhD program- alone. The women I've met through WiE events understand.

Danielle White

Doctoral Student

The Board

Thelma Federico Zaragoza Profile

Thelma Federico Zaragoza

Ishita Mehta Profile

Ishita Mehta

Urvi Manoj Shah Profile

Urvi Manoj Shah

Yasha Haque Profile

Yasha Haque

Carrie Lei Profile

Carrie Lei

Vice Chair
Stephanie Ang Profile

Stephanie Ang

Vice Chair
Lavanya Sharma Profile

Lavanya Sharma

Director of Professional Events
Vinutha Ananthachandran Profile

Vinutha Ananthachandran

Asst. Director, Professional Events
Prathvi Shetty Profile

Prathvi Shetty

Asst. Director, Professional Events
Scarlett Hao Profile

Scarlett Hao

Asst. Director, Professional Events
Kaelia Okamura Profile

Kaelia Okamura

Asst. Director, Professional Events
Cinthia Sanchez Alvarado Profile

Cinthia Sanchez Alvarado

Director of Mentorship
Tara Khan Profile

Tara Khan

Asst. Director, Mentorship
Kaya Croft Profile

Kaya Croft

Asst. Director, Mentorship
Marella Schammel Profile

Marella Schammel

Director of Logistics
Claire Schneider Profile

Claire Schneider

Asst. Director, Internal Affairs/Logistics
Parini Gandhi Profile

Parini Gandhi

Asst. Director, Internal Affairs/Logistics
Iha Chikkala Profile

Iha Chikkala

Director of Outreach
Hadia Safi Profile

Hadia Safi

Asst. Director, Outreach
Talia Benducci Profile

Talia Benducci

Director of Marketing
Viktoriia Kurilenko Profile

Viktoriia Kurilenko

Asst. Director, Marketing
Kriti Shukla Profile

Kriti Shukla

Asst. Director, Marketing; Webmaster; VGSA Ambassador
Ellie Xing Profile

Ellie Xing

Asst. Director, Events
Cydria Harris Profile

Cydria Harris

Asst. Director, Events

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