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About Us

The mission of the student organization Love & Time is to support the nonprofit’s dedication to providing mental health therapy, support, and resources in a timely manner to individuals who are essential to our society’s well-being, including but not limited to maternal mental health, law enforcement and disenfranchised children and their families.Therapy can be very expensive for those without health insurance and it can take months for insurance companies to provide help. Access to a professional between a 72-96-hour period for members in our community experiencing mental challenges is essential to providing them with the tools to treat themselves and others with compassion. It is scientifically proven that newborns who are stimulated through their parents’ touch, voice, heartbeat, and attention are significantly more likely to thrive as adults compared to children who lack these stimuli. These connections and associations at birth have long-lasting effects that carry on through our adult lives and impact how we self-regulate through stressful experiences, how humans love and connect with others, and build self-esteem. Targeting mental health support for postpartum mothers and families is our ticket to having a positive impact on child development and improving home environments. We decided to call it Love & Time because those are the most important four letter words in one’s life. Time to grow old through reflection and experience joy, and love to build relationships, friendships, and connection with family.









Members Benefits

Community engagement, campus leadership opportunities, and volunteering for an underrepresented cause that can change the lives of our present and future generations with mental health services.

Events & Activities

Help us plan our events and make connections with hospitals, schools, and law enforcement.

Campus Leadership

Be a leader in our USC community and engage fellow students to advocate for mental health!

Community Engagement

Meeting new students with a shared interest to make a difference in our greater community

Our Team

Chloe Moshrefi Profile

Chloe Moshrefi

Dalia Souroujon Profile

Dalia Souroujon

Vice President
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Ana Pau Cedillo

Social Chair
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Dawn Afshang

Gustavo Orellana Profile

Gustavo Orellana

University Advisor
Sofie Naidu Profile

Sofie Naidu

Finance Officer


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