Viterbi Funding Board

The Viterbi Funding Board (VFB) allocates the money allotted to VFB for student organization support. The VFB supports events that benefit undergraduate engineering students at USC and Viterbi. The VFB is made up of five undergraduate engineering students from different engineering disciplines and academic standings. The VFB meets weekly to review applications and allocate funding.

Plan the Event

Make sure to plan out the logistics, spaces, and event materials needed for the event.

> 10 Days Before the Event

Submit the funding application no less than 10 days prior to the event.


Recieve approval email from the Viterbi Funding Board.

Receive guidance email from the Viterbi Admission and Student Engagement (VASE) Business Office.

Day of Event

Execute the event!

For more information, review the information below!

Ready to Apply?


VFB funding is available only to official Viterbi-affiliated organizations.

Funding is not guaranteed.

Organizations must have a good history of submitting applications properly and following guidelines.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Events must take place in the current semester and occur before the last day of class for the current semester.

Fundraising events and events with admission fees are prohibited.

Events should be open to all Viterbi students.

Items that will not be funded include: alcohol, merchandise (t-shirts, backpacks, hats, etc), any items that are not one time use. Events with alcohol will not be approved.

Rights & Obligations of the Board

Make student organizations aware of the funding status of their applications following the weekly Funding Board meetings.

The Funding Board will meet once a week throughout the entire semester or until the funds are depleted. The Funding Board will contact student organizations via email regarding the status of applications.

The Funding Board reserves the right to reject, fully fund, or partially fund any application. Upon request, an explanation will be provided to all student organizations not receiving the amount requested.


Applications must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to a student organization’s event.

Other Rules & Regulations

Only complete applications will be considered for funding.

Must be in good standing with the Viterbi President’s Council (VPC)

Update 10.1.2023: Gift cards and prizes cannot be expensed from the Viterbi Funding Board.

Obligations of Student Organizations

Organizations must submit a complete application and all supporting documents.

Organizations must contact the Funding Board as soon as possible in the event that approved funding is NOT used for any reason.

Organizations may not sign any contracts or agreements (including venue, catering, or speaker agreements). All agreements must be signed by authorized university personnel. Any agreements that contain an unauthorized student signature cannot be funded under any circumstances.


Please contact Kevin Giang (Associate Director for Student Organization Engagement) -