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Fall 2023 Gardening Hours: Fridays 2-5 PM

The SC Garden club is a group of students who maintain USC's on-campus community garden: the Parkside Garden. We meet once a week for our gardening hours to work at the garden, hold events throughout the year, and have an active Discord platform for anyone interested in gardening or plant care. The garden is also open 24/7 for independent work & compost drop-offs -- there are many ways to get involved!



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Story Map: Plants and People at the Parkside Garden

  • Composting

    We are home to multiple composting systems, open to everyone to use 24/7. While we monitor each system, there are no compost pick ups/drop-offs. Individuals are responsible for disposing of their scraps properly in any of the open systems.

    We have multiple backyard composting systems open for community use including 3 worm bins, and 3 tumblers. Each system is labeled with either an open/closed sign & directions for use. For any composting questions, please contact any E-Board member directly on Discord, or email

  • Independent Work & Office Hours

    The garden is open outside of our scheduled gardening hours for independent work. Every week we update our "To-do" list on our linktree:

    This list has tasks for independent work. The biggest (and simplest) task we need help with is weeding -- especially nutgrass! We have shovels and bins set aside for all weeds.

    If you cannot make our gardening hours but would like to do some guided work, Garden Club E-Boarders hold office hours throughout the week when they are physically at the garden. Hours will be posted on our linktree each semester. If you would like to attend, we ask that you give notice to the E-Boarder whose hour you will be attending!

  • Volunteering

    If you have a group that is looking to get volunteer or service hours for a volunteer day, please feel free to email us! We often have big projects we need extra help with outside of our normal gardening hours and appreciate all the help we can get.

    For inquiries or to coordinate a volunteer day please email us at

    For summer and winter breaks, we rely on volunteers to help keep the garden functioning. If you would like to help out please contact us! We will also be posting volunteer sign-ups closer to breaks.

  • Discord Server

    We have a Discord open to everyone interested in gardening & plant care! No need to be an active Garden Club member to join -- all are welcome! We have multiple channels outside of ones dedicated to club communication including plant care Q&A, plant swap/giveaway, social media posts/memes, & more!

    Join here, or from our linktree.










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